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About the Offender Management Conference

Participants engaged with sectors leaders and best practice case studies that addressed current challenges in the sector and explore unique ways of supporting the rehabilitation of offenders and prisoners to reduce reoffending, in particular through an evidence-based and multi-agency approach to offender management, preparing for the full re-nationalisation of the sector announced in June 2020.

This Forum is specifically designed for the Criminal Justice Sector and Third-Sector organisations involved in Offender Management. Typical job titles include:

Prison Support Officers
Prison Managers
Case Managers
Probation Officers
Chief Operating Officers
Commissioning Leads
Liaison Managers
Chief Constables
Chief Executives
Heads of Offender Management
Head of Reducing Reoffending
IOM Managers
Directors and Managers of Operations
Employment Managers

Offender Management Conference: The Online Experience

  • Live Q&As with sector leaders
  • Match-making networking and live meeting scheduling with delegates
  • Replay functions so you never miss a session
  • Live chat, questioning and polling tools
  • Real time resources and presentations
  • Dedicated discussion groups to network with peers through the day
  • Next generation conference engagement platform
  • Real solutions, ideas and answers for all sectors working to improve offender management
  • Varied formats and screen breaks to support an engaging experience
  • Post-event resources to facilitate implementation of key takeaways

Why Attend?

Explore the current state of offender management including the June 2020 decision to fully re-nationalise the sector
Assess the vital role of the Voluntary Sector in providing a stable environment for offenders to effectively reduce reoffending
Gain an insight into the prison inspection process and expectations, especially for rehabilitation and release planning
Analyse the proposed future model for probation services and what it will mean for key criminal justice agencies
Discuss practical solutions to overcome the challenges in offender management in prisons and in the community
Learn how to effectively work across agencies to provide an integrated and innovative service that support offenders in prison and in the community
Evaluate the Government’s latest funding and initiatives to improve rehabilitation and release planning and probation services
Network with senior leaders and professionals to share best practice and guidance for effective offender management
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2020 Conference Sponsors

MTC has a wealth of experience in the justice sector, working with vulnerable people to help them transform their lives. Working across 21 prisons in the USA, we have provided education based rehabilitative interventions to thousands of men and women in custody since 1987.

In the UK, we operate the London and Thames Valley Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) and the running of Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre (STC) in Rugby. MTC is committed to delivering innovative, quality probation and custodial services to transform lives and build safer communities.

MTC Group